Anuario ABLA - 2014 - page 11

2013wasnot easy forBrazil’sproductionsectors, havinga
direct impact on the vehicle rental and leasing sector,which is
today an important economic bellwether. Brazil’s GDP growth
of 2.3%was underwhelming, albeit 0.9%upon2012, butwell
below the5%averageof other emerging countries in2013.
Our sector had to redouble its efforts, dedication and
stubbornness to achieve growth of 4.73%, which is indeed
significant, but alsobelowour historical double-digit average.
The demand for fleet outsourcing, for example, was not
immune to the recession.Vehicle rental and leasingcompanies
had to face up to a loss of competitiveness and reduced
willingnessof potential customers tomakenew investments.
In the daily rental market for private individuals, the fall
in demand as household debt increased became clear. In
addition, inflationary pressure in 2013 and the devaluation of
the real in the secondhalf of there year against theUDdollar
alsomade the yearmore difficult.
Our answer in tis scenario was improvement of our
corporate governance model. At the same time, training has
allowedmembers inever state to reinvent themselves, seeking
toovercome theeconomicdifficulties specific toeach region.
In January 2014 a new cycle began. I became the
president of the National Council at ABLA, which was
founded in 1977 andwhich now hasmembers in every state
in Brazil. I took it on highly aware of what has been done so
far, but also with the commitment to develop partnerships
with all the representative associations to further enhance
the sturdy representation of the sector at the government in
its various instances.
At the same time, we are working to improve
relationships between ABLA and its members. I am sure
that together we will overcome the challenges ahead, in
the pursuit of new developments for ABLA, the sector, our
partners and our country.
The difficulties experienced in 2013 have strengthened
us to start 2014 steadily and aware of the situation.We have
eyes on the national and international scenarios, without
losing sight of the potential for expansion in our industry, in
addition to investment opportunities.
In practice, as a member of the National Transport
Confederation (CNT), through Fenaloc and ABLA, the vehicle
rental and leasing sector is a link in the dynamic Brazilian
automobile industry chain - the fourth largest in the world.
Accounting for anaverageof close to10%of vehicle sales in
the last five years, vehicle leasing and rental companies are
powerful allies inBrazil’s production chain.
For all these reasons, now as President of the National
Council, my focus is on the development of the Brazilian
vehicle leasing and rental industry. It is a pulsating industry.
We can grow in every region, working even better through a
number of new and different partnershipswith suppliers and
alsowith themajor players in theproductionchain innational
tourism.Wemove forward - thank you for having confidence
in the sector.
A year full of challenges
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