Anuário Brasileiro do Setor de Locação de Veículos | 2022

154 Anuário Brasileiro do Setor de Locação de Veículos Brazilian Vehicle Rental Sector Yearbook 2022 Car rental among mobility players in the media “We always need to keep an eye on the next bend of the road.” What seems like a simple analogy for transportation and the coming and going of people is a maxim used by the editor of the mobility section, Dante Grecco Neto, to explain the publication’s focus. He says this is adhered to in the day-to-day work done. “We invest time on exclusive information, on looking for trends, news, what is going on abroad and will be here in Brazil soon.” Conceived in early 2019, it is Estadão newspaper’s mobility section. The rental and leasing segment is frequently covered because it is growing. Grecco says vehicle rental and leasing solves problems for a lot of people and large numbers of companies. “I think now a lot more people know that renting or leasing a car for work or tourism is an excellent alternative to owning a car,” he says. Grecco does not believe cars will lose their appeal, but they will not be the only solutions. He stresses that more and more people can are deciding against car ownership, and are renting or leasing cars. “I think there’s room for everything,” he says. Grecco recalls that there was an interesting editorial opportunity to start talking about other means of transport which are also relevant. In the first year, the Mobility section wistributed, free of charge, at 50 points (on streets, at train or subway stations) in São Paulo. From March 2020, and the pandemic, it was included with Estadão newspaper, on Wednesdays. In the context of the print media, which has been suffering, Grecco says that the section has grown, and earned a reputation among readers and the advertising market – and the online version is a success ( Mobility – a key issue for almost 30 million people in Brazil – is also covered by the Momento Mobilidade program (every Wednesday at 11am), on YouTube, with three sections - Mundo Mobilidade, Giro de Notícias, and Papo de Garagem. And Oficina Mobilidade offers tips on maintenance and answers questions about cars. In a broader context, the challenge is to make mobility more inclusive, accessible, and sustainable. “It’s no use changing the lives of some people while the majority of the population is isolated from these advances,” says Grecco. In his view, this is also a role for the press - to call for the government to implement new public policies that improve mobility in large urban centers. MOBILIDADE | MOBILITY There are more than 27.3 million people interested in mobility-related issues