Anuário Brasileiro do Setor de Locação de Veículos | 2022

17 2022 Anuário Brasileiro do Setor de Locação de Veículos Brazilian Vehicle Rental Sector Yearbook Essa publicação têm o aval e a assinatura do SERPRO (maior empresa pública de tecnologia da informação do mundo), à qual a ABLA novamente agradece pelo excelente trabalho, atendimento e apoio. This publication is endorsed by SERPRO (the largest public information technology company in the world), which ABLA again thanks for its excellent work, service and support. General considerations The statistics on the total fleet and the new car sales to leasing and rental companies are presented on the following pages by region, state, manufacturer, and vehicle sub-segment. Total primary + secondary fleet held by companies listed by the National Classification of Economic Activities (CNAE) The Yearbook surveyed the statistics on fleets held by companies that, along with leasing and rental of vehicles, are involved in other activities. This is the case for companies that in civil construction; in the provision of public services; cargo or passenger transport; security companies, and other segments. This year’s edition of the Yearbook presents the total fleet held by these companies, including the total fleet held by purely leasing and rental companies, demonstrating the real size of the car leasing and rental market in Brazil. Licensed and circulating fleet This Yearbook also publishes the statistics on the fleet by State the vehicles were licensed in – official records held by DENATRAN, consulted by SERPRO – regardless of the states in which the vehicles circulate. Revenue and Taxes The methodology for the calculation of total revenues and taxes in the sector has been maintained since 2018. There are figures that are not directly comparable to the years prior to 2018, as is the case of taxes, calculated using the average real profit and presumed profit regimes on revenue. Outsourcing and Daily Rental The statistics on fleet vehicles (total outsourcing and daily rental) are based on research done by ABLA, by sampling, among members, with the use of these results in conjunction with public data held by publicly traded companies in the segment. Number of rental companies The number of leasing and rental companies is sourced by SERPRO, and no longer the Annual Social Information List (RAIS). The statistics refer exclusively to leasing and rental companies whose records at the Ministry of Finance match CNAE 7711-0/00 (rental of vehicles without a driver) and CNAE 49230/02 (rental of vehicles with a driver). These are the so-called “pure rental companies” - those that only lease or rent vehicles, with active registration as companies with the tax authority, a fleet registered with the competent traffic organs and with a primary CNAE 7711-0/00 or 4923-0/02. © katemangostar | Freepik®