Anuário Brasileiro do Setor de Locação de Veículos | 2022

146 Anuário Brasileiro do Setor de Locação de Veículos Brazilian Vehicle Rental Sector Yearbook 2022 SERPRO Data for the leasing business Smart digital services that add value for users. This is the challenge for the Federal Data Processing Service (Serpro), serving the main economic sectors in the country. And with transport, it is no different. Car leasing companies, which already have access to valuable services that Serpro provides, can prepare to add another advantage to the management of their business. In partnership with SENATRAN - the national transport regulator - the challenge is to provide new services this year that will help ABLA’s members manage their fleets. It is a completely new solution, independent of those already offered to leasing companies, which will provide documents for and information on vehicles and fines through digital channels, among other benefits, in real time. This becomes even more important as car leasing changes with the profile of users, with a new generation of drivers who choose to lease rather than buy cars. Technology is a huge support system for the sector given the multiplicity of users and the services provided. A recent study by TNS Research, the world’s leading consumer research agency, shows that companies that invest in technology grow approximately 60% more than those that do not. The use of technology, such as big data and data analytics, improves business performance, generating strategic information for decision making. This information is essential to reducing costs and risks, optimizing processes, and ensuring safety. One of the solutions is Datavalid, with state-of-theart technology for customer registration and biometry, with the security and reliability that Serpro provides to prevent fraud. It also provides statistics of interest to the sector, including the number of vehicles sold in the country, improving performance of the business. For process control, there is the Electronic Notification System (SNE), which automates the sending of fines and allows payment with a discount of up to 40%. It was launched last year and allows the automatic inclusion of all vehicles associated with a company’s tax number. Responsible for 90% of the structuring systems used by the government, Serpro was named the best technology and services company in brazil for the second year in a row by IstoÉ Dinheiro magazine. It also received an award from the Informática Hoje Yearbook as the best government services company in 2021. We are on the right track to the digital transformation of the country and to ensuring better services for its people. This new product for car leasing companies will be formatted to improve fleet management, providing information in real time By André de Cesero, Director of Customer Relationships of the Federal Data Processing Service (Serpro)